Looking to expand or move an existing office or cubicle? Are you rearranging your floor plan or restructuring your personnel within your current space? Casa Tech Systems can assist with all of your Communications and Network cable installs, adds, moves and changes. We provide electric service to add outlets for servers, UPS systems, copiers, and printers. We can assist with disconnect and reconfiguration of power for workstations and equipment rooms. For additional information or to obtain a quote please contact one of our Estimators.
No matter how simple or complex your network may be Casa TechSystems can provide you with a performance based, cost effective solution for all your structured cabling and network cable installation needs. We simplify complex designs and optimize and implement the appropriate solution to enhance your operations, increase productivity and reduce costs, while ensuring scalability and project performance.
We specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of OM3/OM4 Multi-mode fiber cable and OS1 Single-mode fiber optic cabling systems. We support indoor and outdoor cable plant cabling (OSP) installation for all your distribution needs. Our certified fiber optic technicians are experienced in fusion splicing, pre-polished fiber termination, anaerobic hand polish fiber termination, and all components of a standards based fiber optic communications network. We've completed extensive fiber optic projects connecting both high-rise buildings and multibuilding campus environments.

Are you looking for a high-quality industrial Ethernet solution to support your manufacturing or process control network. We have installed OM3/OM4 fiber optic distribution for control and process management. We also install Category 6/6A solutions for managing network applications in areas requiring EMI protection and extended bandwidth capability. We provide the mining, manufacturing, and energy industries of solar, wind, natural gas, and oil with the networking they need. MSHA 30 CFR, Part 45 Certified Contractor: A9472
Because of our commitment to exceptional customer service and our project management staff, we have had the privilege of supporting numerous clients for multiple projects throughout the last 17 years. This client retention has been the leading factor behind our continued success and growth. The greatest compliment is being referred by a client to their friends and business associates.    
Celebrating 15 Years!

About Casa Tech Systems

Casa Tech Systems, LLC is a full-service, licensed K-11 electrical and low voltage cabling contractor providing Design, Service, Installation and Maintenance of telecommunication wiring, computer network cabling, fiber optics and service electric. Formed in November, 2000, our original target markets were the residential home theater, home automation, Smart Home technologies and commercial communication and network cabling systems, hence the name, "Casa," which is Spanish for house.

Searching for a niche market we decided to focus our expertise on the installation of structured cabling systems and fiber optics...
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