The demand for industrial Ethernet to support automation and process control applications in manufacturing and industrial environments is becoming more prevalent in today’s manufacturing model.


Utilizing OM3/OM4 fiber distribution and Category 6/6A copper cabling provides superior performance and EMI and alien crosstalk protection inherent in typical manufacturing and industrial facilities. We install industrial Ethernet cabling solutions for mining, factories, solar, wind, water treatment, power plants, oil, and natural gas refineries.


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  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Fiber optic distribution upgrades
  • Process control and management
  • Fiber optic and copper distribution for PLC and control cabinets
  • Power monitoring
  • Environmental solutions for equipment and network hardware
  • Network upgrades for manufacturing and process systems
  • Troubleshooting and repair of fiber optic and copper systems
  • Recent Phoenix Metro Industrial Project Highlights:
  • GreenFiber Mesa - Plant floor OM3 fiber distribution and Category 6 network cabling
  • Pepsi Bottling Co. Phoenix - Category 6 cabling and OM3 fiber optic cable distribution
  • ME Elecmetal Foundry Tempe - Plant wide fiber distribution and Cat6/6A copper upgrades
  • City of Phoenix WWTP OM1 Fiber optic distribution upgrades
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