On Demand Emergency Response Team

Emergency Services & Network Repair

When disaster strikes Casa Tech Systems is there with the right equipment and expertise to restore services to you or your clients. Our team will respond to your emergency needs quickly and efficiently and can repair, splice, or replace damaged copper or fiber optic cables to bring your services back online.
Cabling System Repair

Repair Services

We provide restoration services and repair for all types of structured cabling systems, fiber optics, and outside plant copper distribution.
  • After-Hours Emergency Services 800-803-3981
  • Fiber optic fusion Splicing for Single-mode and Multi-mode Fiber Cable
  • Copper Splicing and Restoration for Underground and Riser Applications
  • Troubleshooting and Identifying Network Faults and Failures
  • Pedestal and Hand-Hole Replacement and Repair
  • Private and Public Location Services for Identifying Cable Pathways
  • Restoration and Response for Property Management and Building Maintenance
  • Emergency Network Cable Installation

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