Securing Your Office Information and Client Privacy

Sound Masking, Paging & Speech Privacy

We design, install, and support various sound masking, paging and public address systems for business and industrial applications. We can assist you with sound masking and noise cancellation systems to help manage noise pollution and provide better security in your office environment. Our Phoenix Sound Masking and Speech Privacy Teams install LogiSon, Cambridge and Lencore Sound Masking solutions.
Paging & Public Address Systems

Paging & Public Address Systems

We support either building wide or zone paging systems for public address and emergency response solutions, providing complete design, installation, and support services. Our specific services and solutions include:
  • Single and Multi-Zone Paging – loudspeakers, intercoms, and visual notifications
  • Education communication systems
  • Background and foreground music systems
  • Emergency response public address
  • IP mass notification
  • Blue light emergency telephones
  • Valcom and Bogen Paging and Public Address Solutions

Speech Privacy Solutions

Sensitive data and intellectual property privacy is important in today's business environment. Securing your office information and client privacy has become an essential part of the workplace. Open office and workstation environments are needed as a cost effective business model, but do not provide for speech privacy or increased productivity. We offer solutions to manage noise pollution, protect and ensure privacy, and increase productivity with the following white noise and sound suppression solutions:
  • Open office sound masking
  • Call center sound masking
  • Private office and conference room privacy
  • Speech privacy for sensitive areas
  • Unobtrusive and discrete system deployment
Speech Privacy
Sound Masking Benefits

Sound Masking Benefits

Sound masking and speech privacy solutions provide call centers, banks, high-security facilities, financial institutions, industrial facilities, and commercial offices a number of measurable benefits:
  • Reduce distractions from noise
  • Increase employee productivity in open office environments
  • Protect speech privacy
  • Protect confidential data and sensitive conversations
If you are interested in learning more about sound masking and would like a quote to implement a sound masking or speech privacy solution for your commercial space or for your client, please give us a call at 623-537-0110

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